Northwest Montana Luxury Custom Home Builders

We build the home you’ve always dreamed of coming home to.

Experience ▪ Creativity ▪ Relationships

Experience that comes from a lifetime of building extraordinary homes.

Creativity and a keen eye for detail creates homes that blend into the environment with truly stunning results.

Relationship focused philosophy ensures a satisfying building experience and a team you can count on. 

Your Dreams

When you choose Montana Build, you will have an advocate from the first handshake. Whether or not you already have an architect, you can schedule a consultation to discuss your home building ideas with us.

Custom Home Design

After our initial consultation, we will visit the site to analyze howto best utilize the property with your ideas in mind. Then, we will sit down with your architect to develop a custom home design and layout for your home.From the structural materials to the types of finishes used, we focus on all of the details.


Since many of our clients are not based in Montana,we have become highly successful at communicating with them about the progress of their home to keep them fully informed. Our team is dedicated to insuring that no detail is over looked. 

Fair Pricing as A Fixed Bid Contractor

After you have a comprehensive understanding of the scope of the work needed to complete your custom home project, we will present you with a price as well as a timeline for completion. As a fixed-bid contractor, Montana Build aims to provide you with a fair estimate and a reasonable timeline agreed upon before breaking ground on the project. This eliminates surprises that occur when contractors follow a cost-plus business model.